Personal Services

Are you saving for a house or for future school fees, an investment property or planning for retirement? Do you pay too much tax? Are you asset rich and cashflow poor or do you earn a good income but have few assets? Are you worried about your financial future, about the risks of mishap or poor health? Are you planning to start a family or wanting to help your kids or grandkids? Are you financially astute or do you find the whole thing too confusing?

We want to know about your aspirations, your goals and your concerns so we can develop a Wealth Strategy that is tailored to you. We'll help with the complexity so you can make informed decisions about your financial future.

We're up for the Challenge. We provide a full spectrum of Financial Advisory Services and we have the experience, patience and skills to deliver.

Strategy Creation

The creation and protection of your wealth is our primary focus. We'll develop an overarching, flexible Wealth Strategy taking into account things such as your cashflow needs, your tolerance or intolerance for risk, taxation matters and your family circumstances. The strategy will be the guiding compass for all subsequent recommendations and actions.

Portfolio Management

Our investment universe is guided by quality filters based on sound research. We take great care in selecting investments and blending them into cohesive portfolios that align with your objectives and goals. We advise on shares, managed funds, listed income securities, property securities, term deposits and cash and we'll consider how these investments correlate with any investment properties or other assets you hold.

Share Portfolios

There are many facets to successful share investing. These include assessing your tolerance for risk, the need for growth and/or income, your time horizon and your age. Appropriate sector diversity is key to risk minimisation, as is deciding how much to place in established large cap businesses as opposed to mid-caps or emerging small caps. There are other significant factors as well; such as sourcing quality independent research, ongoing monitoring of the portfolio, reweighting when the portfolio becomes skewed, knowing when to buy and sell, assessing the growth potential, yield and level of franking credits. These are all significant factors that we bring together in the construction and maintenance of share portfolios.


Tax effective wealth creation and retirement planning is what super is all about. We will help you navigate through the super maze from accumulation to pension phase using strategies that minimize your personal taxes and optimise your long term wealth.

SMSF - Self Managed Super

Want greater control over your financial future? We can help you determine if a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is right for you and guide you through the steps. Whether it's set up and ongoing administration, tax planning, portfolio construction, Transition to Retirement Strategies or family wealth planning, we have it covered. We can also help you establish a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement to acquire your business premises or other investment property.

Life Insurances - Protecting your Wealth

It's important to protect the wealth you create and that includes protecting you, your income earning capacity, your family and your assets. Your insurance needs vary depending on your stage of life, your debt levels and whether you have dependents. We'll assess your income and life insurance needs and identify solutions that will give you peace of mind.

Estate Planning - Transferring your Wealth

Estate planning ensures that the wealth you have built is transferred to your beneficiaries smoothly, tax-effectively and according to your wishes. There are many elements to Estate Planning including the structure and form of your Will, different types of Powers of Attorney, your Superannuation Trust Deed and Beneficiary Nominations and your Insurances. We can help you with your estate planning needs bringing all the important aspects together to ensure you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Aged Care

Aged care can be a complex issue and it is sometimes an emotional journey for those involved. We have the experience and technical knowledge to help with the evaluation of available options. This extends to choices about the type of aged care facility, analysis of the different pricing options, tax outcomes and decisions about the family home. We can help navigate through the many decision points and help make the transition an easier one.

Expat Services and UK Pensions

We can assist expats moving to or leaving Australia. We understand there are often unique tax arrangements in place and we recognize the need to be financially secure in your new place of work. We can organise the transfer of UK Pensions to Australia. We understand what expats are looking for in setting up their finances and personal insurances in a new country and in securing their affairs before they depart.

Navigating the Course

It is inevitable that over time changes will occur, not only in investment markets, legislation, the economic and political environment but also in your personal circumstances. We will review your Wealth Strategy regularly to ensure it continues to meet your current needs as the world around you changes.